• krzysztof mroczko

    krzysztof mroczko

    Stukacz w klawiaturę, obserwator szumu informacyjnego http://t.co/jR6LpHBoYa

  • Richard Culatta

    Richard Culatta

    The future is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed. -W.Gibson

  • James Neal

    James Neal

    Libraries - Museums - Archives - Digital Humanities - Arts & Literature - Music - Cycling - Food/Drink - Information Policy

  • Tamara Kaldor

    Tamara Kaldor

    Developmental therapist, iPad for special kids expert, maker, shaker, and advocate that believes play is work™!

  • Megan Alexander Stanek

    Megan Alexander Stanek

  • Mehmet Keçeci

    Mehmet Keçeci

    Mehmet Keçeci, Mehmet Kececi Master of Science in Physics (MSc.) Fizik Bilim Uzmanı Portion of Lesson is finished 2001-2003 (PhD. Doctorate - Physics)

  • Prudencio Ruiz-O

    Prudencio Ruiz-O

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